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Radon is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas created by decaying uranium in the soil that seeps in to your home through your foundation. A simple test will precisely measure your Radon level, determining any potential risks. If further action is warranted, Advanced Radon Control can safely remove the gas from your home.



Radon Mitigation in St. Louis


If you receive a Radon test result of 4.0pCi/l or higher, the EPA recommends a mitigation system be installed. With a background in the construction industry, Advanced Radon Control in St. Louis has professional installers with the big-picture understanding of how a radon mitigation system fits into your home or building and can best determine the right system for you.

Though safety and protection are the primary concerns with radon mitigation, aesthetics are also a factor, particularly on exterior installations. Advanced Radon Control in St. Louis can design your system to be the least intrusive to your home's design, matching paint colors where needed to "cover" piping so it is barely noticeable. There are a variety of mitigation systems available for various types of construction, depending on your site specifics:


Active Sub-Slab Depressurization

This is the most commonly used type of system for radon reduction in homes. A PVC pipe is installed directly through the concrete floor in the lowest level of the home and places a vacuum on the sub-slab surface to suction the radon from below the slab to the hole, where it is then vented outside.


Active Drain Tile Depressurization

This system is similar to Active Sub-Slab Depressurization, but ties into the drain tile system in the basement. This type of system would be installed in homes with a sump pit and drain system around the basement perimeter.


Active Soil Depressurization Interior installation

This is the system most recommended by the EPA and also works in the same way as Active Sub-Slab Depressurization, but with the PVC piping located inside the home and venting out through the roof.


Active Soil Depressurization Exterior Installation

This system is again similar to those above, but with the PVC vent piping exiting the home just above the foundation level and continuing on the exterior until it vents above the roofline.


Crawlspace Sub-membrane Depressurization

Homes or buildings with a crawl space would use this method, in association with an active radon collection system. A thick vinyl membrane is placed over the open crawl space area, adhering it to the exterior foundation walls, and then venting the collected radon gas through PVC piping out of the home or building. The PVC piping can be placed as either an interior or exterior installation as described above.


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